Innovative Exporter of the Year 2018 Award (for Manufacturers)

Scoring Criteria

The DE Innovative Exporter of the Year Award aims to recognize UAE based producers/ manufacturers exporting through Dubai. The applicant shall have minimum 2 years of experience in exporting its goods.
Criteria for selection of the winner shall include the following:
  • Number of new markets penetrated in 2018 [EVAL. SCORE = 20%]
  • % Exports to Total Sales (Values in 2018) [EVAL. SCORE = 15%]
  • Use of DE Services in 2018– Yes/No [EVAL. SCORE = 10%]
  • Product/Process modifications made to suit export markets (Number in 2018) [EVAL. SCORE = 30%]
  • Documented Export Strategy – Yes/No [EVAL. SCORE = 15%]
  • Availability of Quality/ Business Excellence Awards / Certification [EVAL. SCORE = 10%]
  • Information requested need to be applicable to only produced/ manufactured goods in UAE.
  • Other evidences confirming the authenticity of information submitted in the Application forms may be sought directly from the company subsequently, in case the applicant is among the top shortlisted companies.
  • It is mandatory for exports to be done in CY, (2018). CY (Current year) total sales/export values and/or markets may be projected/forecasted based on CY Jan-Sep actuals and /or orders received for Q4, CY. Market growth refers to countries exported to. If no exports were done in PY (Previous year, 2017), provide data for earlier year (PY-1), with justification for absence in exports for PY.
  • It is urged that all applicants become members of Dubai Exports to avail of DE Services. Membership is free & registration can be done online (at www.dedc.gov.ae) or mail us at membership@dedc.gov.ae
  • To avail of the Verified Exporter Certificate & Mark as a benefit (outside the scope of this award process), please visit http://www.dedc.gov.ae/English/Initiatives/Pages/verified-exporter-program.aspx.
  • Entries are open to UAE corporate entities (with an Industrial/ Manufacturing license), registered in UAE and exporting through Dubai for at least 2 years.