Champion Re-Exporter of the Year, 2018 Award (For Licensed Re-exporters, through Dubai)

Scoring Criteria

To promote the commitment that Dubai and the UAE has to supporting its flagship re-export business. This Award will recognize the outstanding export achievement by an organization which has been re-exporting goods for minimum two (2) years or more through Dubai. This category is open to all business regardless of size.
Criteria for selection of the winner shall include the following:
  • Number of new markets penetrated in 2018 [EVAL. SCORE = 20%]]
  • % Re-Exports to Total Sales (Values in 2018) [EVAL. SCORE = 15%]
  • Use of DE Services in 2018 – Yes/No [EVAL. SCORE = 10%]
  • Number of markets for which Value additions (product/packaging/labelling etc. modifications made in Dubai) were made in Current Year, to suit re-export markets [EVAL. SCORE = 30%]
  • Documented Re-Export Strategy – Yes/No [EVAL. SCORE = 15%]
  • Availability of Quality/ Business Excellence Awards / Certification [EVAL. SCORE = 10%]
  • This award is limited only to traders or companies having a commercial/trading license and does not apply to UAE manufactured /exported goods.
  • Other evidences confirming the authenticity of information submitted in the Application forms may be sought directly from the company subsequently, in case the applicant is among the top shortlisted companies.
  • It is mandatory for re-exports to be done in CY (2018). CY (Current year) total sales/re-export values and/or markets may be projected/forecasted based on CY Jan-Sep actuals and /or orders received for Q4, CY. Market growth refers to countries exported to. If no re-exports were done in PY (Previous year), provide data for earlier year (PY-1), with justification for absence in re-exports for PY.
  • It is urged that all applicants become members of Dubai Exports to avail of DE Services. Membership is free & registration can be done online (at www.dedc.gov.ae) or mail us at membership@dedc.gov.ae
  • To avail of the Verified Exporter Certificate & Mark as a benefit (outside the scope of this award process), please visit http://www.dedc.gov.ae/English/Initiatives/Pages/verified-exporter-program.aspx.
  • Entries are open to UAE corporate entities (with a Commercial/Trading license), registered in UAE and exporting through Dubai for at least 2 years.